EC Electro Center Oy


EC Electro Center’s operations include the manufacture of electrical and automation switchgears
and control panels, e-houses and transformer rooms, including their mechanical and electrical design.

Our components shop holds a wide range of electrical and automation components. We also provide a continuous replenishment service.

The company owners work in key positions in company management, sales and production. Our Tampere plant employs around 100 people. The company turnover is approximately EUR 20 million.

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The latest technology and customer-specific
production cells

Our production facilities cover an area of 6,500 m². We use ESD (Electrostatic discharge) flooring material which allows us to perform the assembly of even the most demanding electrical and automation applications. Our production facilities are divided into clear customer-specific cells.

SGS/Fi EN61439- certification

Improved cycle times and the manufacture of high-quality products requires continuous investments in the development of production. By taking these steps, we ensure that we can provide our customers with products that are even more cost-effective and of higher quality.


  • Marked pathways
  • Fenced testing area
  • Guarded site
  •  Security cameras
  • Visitors signing procedure
  • Facilities update 2019


  • Recycling of metal and cardboard, 100 %
  • Recycling of electric and electronical equipment (SER)
  •  Agreed waste management procedures


Our most important market segments are Shipyard Cranes, Renewable Energy, Mining Industry, Glass Technology, Paper Industry and Marine. Export is more than 10% of our turnover and through our customers it can end up till 80%

Shipyard Cranes
Renewable Energy
Mining Industry
Glass Technology
Paper Industry


EC Electro Center was established in the early 1990s. The operations of Maansähkö Oy in Tampere were taken over by Pirkan MS-Kojeisto Oy. This included the manufacture of electrical switchgears and control panels and retail of components. At the beginning of the 2000s, the business expanded into continuous replenishment services.

The company’s business operations continued their strong growth, and TAS-Kojeisto Oy joined the Group in 2003. At the beginning of 2014, the operations of Pirkan MS-Kojeisto Oy and TAS- Kojeisto Oy merged under EC-Yhtiöt, forming EC Electro Center.

Our most significant market and customer segments are container cranes, renewable energy and the mining, glass, paper and marine industries. The share of exports is over 10% of our turnover and the share of indirect exports is over 80%.